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H & E's Malka
 2015 Mini Rex Nationals in Wilmington, OH 
Best of Variety

Photos taken by David Moll

H & E's King
 2015 Mini Rex Nationals in Wilmington, OH 
Best Opposite Sex of Variety

Special thank you to Greg and David Moll(Moll's Rabbitry), and also Joey and Stacey Martin(Martin's Mini Rex), for being our  friends and mentors.  Without them, we would not be where we are today in our breeding program.    Not only did they sell us quality rabbits  that have given us a tremendous start, we have also learned how to produce amazing rabbits of our own by studying their rabbits, and relying on them with tons of questions along the way.  We are now very comfortable evaluating our own mini rex, and we couldn't have had better mentors to answer all our questions along the way.   

The Moll's and Martin's also sold us our first two amazing whites, which have been the foundation of our white program.   We are very excited to continue working with both their lines in not only white, but several other varieties also. 

Also, big thank you to the Compart family for selling us Compart's Paris.  She was the doe that started our successful line of blacks!!  Without her, our program would not be where it is today! 

      Moll's Homerun                                                               Martin's Volt

Thank you to the Rabbit Tutor for all their wonderful products.  Invaluable resource!  We highly recommend all of their products!!  These products make all the information easy to learn and fun.  Well thought out products for all ages!

We show Mini Rex exclusively in several varieties







This is Joe Kerr's Poncho.  He's the little buck who made us fall in love with the breed.  He was also was Sire to our very first Grand Champion Doe and buck!!  Poncho is retired and now lives in our home as a pet where he will live with us forever!



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